Life As We Know It

With everything happening now, it is unprecedented to assume that life currently is something we have never experienced. What we need more than ever is a guide to how to live. How to cope with moments like this. Has this indeed become our reality? 

Truth be told, life can only depend on the person living it. If life itself is hard then so are the steps we take to make it impossible. Some consistently believe that life cannot be conquered without suffering while therefore purposely making it miserable for themselves. And then there are others who simply accept the fact that without hardship, success is limited; which in turn teaches us there is more to life than just mistakes. Because really, failure is the baseline for climbing the steps of success. We learn. We adapt to new circumstances. That is just human nature. So if trouble does come our response has been programmed to either fight back or fly. Even though there is some truth behind life being cruel sometimes after all nobody said life is a happy rainbow. We all face troubles at least more than once in our lifetime. The problem is that some situations are exaggerated while others aren’t paid any attention. It’s in these moments that all consciousness is lost. Belief lies in the five senses. When we see something happen, we create a judgement so when something doesn’t work your way we start believing it is hard. This reasoning of ‘everything is hard. life is hard’ is simply an easier way to show you have given up. 

If life truly is hard for a common man then what is life to people in the military? A healthcare worker?  It’s not about what has happened in our lives but what our reaction to those circumstances has been. In today’s generation, humans have evolved to be recognised even after death – to leave a mark on the world. Who can be the best? The most successful? However, if everyone perceived using the same principle then what would have happened? Discipline is one of the most powerful virtues a person can have. With discipline, we become in control of our lives. We become our own authors in the book of life. With this skill, we can surpass our limits to our highest potential. Discipline can help conquer those negative beliefs with positive actions. Because what this skill teaches is to be the best version of yourself. Integrity and respect are the two values which start to embed into people’s lives practising discipline. Hence, if you have all three then there is no reason for life to seem hard at all. 

Passion drives goals. As a discipline, the desire to be more/learn more is a plague waiting to be released.  The burning flame that people have in their hearts is what catches attention. Something the universe follows is the law of attraction. So if you believe life is hard so strongly, the universe will make its motto to make life hell for you. 

Human philosophy of life closely links to what constitutes a good life. What we believe becomes what we follow. The more a person believes that he is worthless, the more it becomes a reality. Often impossible to undo, the act of repeating negative thoughts becomes a certainty for people harbouring weeker mindsets. Therefore maintaining a strong base is vital so that no potential conditions can pull you down. A person believing he is worthless due to one instance in his past has forever trained his mind to only accept the events in his life that make him feel worthless. He has created a foundation of shame, sadness, sorrow. And this cycle only continues until he reaches rock bottom. Then what? Is that the end? No. Because then again you are living, you are breathing. In my philosophy, a person can only give up if they are dead. Nobody can tell you who you are. Nobody can truly feel what you want. In the end, we are the driver of our own lives. We need to awaken and pursue that flame, that passion. The glowing light inside us is the alarm clock to your body that will push you. So, in the end, it’s you who has to decide whose opinions matter the most. 

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