Life of an Eclipse

Graphic by Surya dev Yadav

Child of the sun and moon, I am eclipse. My birth has a purpose, a very powerful one, and my driving force has been to make the world a happy and woe-free place.

I come out on eclipses. Those rare ones. Because I am atypical. Coming out of the dark and taking away the darkness, the despair with me.

They call me a witch these days. The depressed witch. 

I don’t correct them because I like the name, makes me feel edgy. I look like a goth creature from the outside so maybe that’s why the witch reference and the occasional sightings of flying might be the other one I guess.

I don’t use a broom, that’s too old-fashioned, I have a hoverboard with which I  roam around the city when it drowns in murkiness, and take everything sad with me.

I have been doing my job for years. My job you ask? Well, that’s where the depressed part comes in. 

We all are given lots of emotions as gifts when we are born, happiness, joy, ecstasy, anger, anxiousness, sadness, and hurt. Everyone has their own share but unfortunately, an imbalance in the emotional count led to the sad and depressing thoughts overpowering the happy ones. 

People started to listen to the bad voices and it led to havoc, destruction, and war.

Everything was going smoothly before that but the war led to my origin. The Sun and Moon put together their light and gave birth to me, the one that shines bright and obliterate all the dark thoughts.

We live in a world full of broken people. People want love, happiness, and peace but most of the time, all we get is sadness, sorrow, and despair.

You would find people, shattered, depressed, and stuck in a spiral, an endless loop they can’t seem to get out from.

There are bad days that make one feel like it’s the end of the world and it might be for some too.

You never know because that’s just life. Miserable, uncertain, and uncalled for.

So I could erase the bad and sad thoughts. Thoughts that might lead to worse things, thoughts that made you feel lonely and deserted. 

I am the eclipse that could help them see and feel better. I am the rain after drought and I am the sunshine after a gloomy night.

I take all of them from you. Those depressing thoughts are my feeding source. And I myself am a depressing emotion too, that’s why people don’t see me often. 

But what about the good days or the good moments? Life can’t be all about the things that went wrong because there are good things too.

The small things that put a smile on our faces. Be it our comfort show or that hot cup of coffee. We might not realize but there are things out there that make us feel good, that makes us feel like maybe things aren’t all that bad. That maybe life isn’t just the sad things and there is more to life than those sad and broken thoughts.

So I help them. I help them by sucking the bad energies out of them and making them realize that there’s good to life too.

I am actually doing a good deed and the people know it too, but, when there’s an air of mystery around things, people tend to not like it. No matter what good you do, if they don’t know you well, they don’t trust you so I become the villain, the witch, and all the emotions I have taken from them make me depressed, just like everyone else. 

Recently, I have not been feeling so well. I look like the people I have helped in my life span. Everything looks dark and I can’t seem to find the light. Maybe I am stuck in a delusion. The delusion of all the dark thoughts. Those thoughts have engulfed my subconscious.

I had everything, power, light, and happiness but my power givers forgot to gave me the most important thing, the power to let go of the dark thoughts that I submerge myself in. They started pooling into this big pile of sad and awful thoughts where even the good couldn’t reach. I could feel myself drowning in an ocean of endless despair, the pain of the people that were hurt, anger, and sin, pulling me deeper into this world of melancholia.

So I let myself be.

And let the shadows of the eclipse take over me

Until I would be okay, again.

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