Looking Beyond

“I want that toy,” whispered Kabir, and as soon as he said that, he looked around to see if anyone heard him. Previously Kabir had seen that his dad ate only bread for 2 months to arrange his school fees.

A drop of tear was about to fall out of Kabir’s eyes, thinking about this, but he forced it back and thought, “I will change our situation.”

Kabir is an intelligent 12-year-old boy who lives in the Dharavi slums of Mumbai with his parents and his younger sister. His father works in the drainage cleaning department of the municipality and his mother is a homemaker who sells flowers every morning. They hardly get any proper meals but seeing Kabir and his sister’s intelligence, their parents admitted them to a renowned school, despite facing an immense struggle to arrange its fees. 

Today Kabir was very happy on his way back home as he got praised by his teacher for good skills in Mathematics. Suddenly he saw a beautiful toy in a rich kid’s hand and having a desire to get such a toy and alongside remembering the financial crisis of his family got drowned in all those thoughts which always make his heart heavy. He feels very sad when he sees his father coming home late at night drenched in the dirty, stingy water of drains; his mother returning home absolutely devastated by selling flowers in the scorching sun; his sister wearing the same dirty, full of holes dresses for years while other girls of her age wear such beautiful dresses every day.

While thinking of all these, having teardrops in his eyes, his sight fixed on the huge banyan tree in a vacant space on the roadside. He loves this place especially the banyan tree as he feels great comfort sitting in its shadow and he thinks that somehow the tree virtually interacts with him as when he was very small once he had written his name on one leaf of the tree and thought to check it the next day but anyhow he forgot and a week later when he was playing under the tree, that leaf fell off near his feet and he became very happy seeing it.

Despite struggles in their day-to-day life, Kabir and his sister made it a habit to prioritize academics first. Having a keen interest in Mathematics, Kabir tried to solve several tougher than the toughest mathematical problems by borrowing books from his teachers and classmates.His parents wanted to have Kabir and his sister admitted to tuition classes for their better performance but they could not afford it but besides completing his lessons on his own, Kabir teaches his sister all her subjects very carefully. 

But whatever struggles Kabir and his family face, they always take care of anyone they find can be taken care of. His father had saved many kids from falling into deep drains when they were trying to get their ball from the drain. Despite having a shortage in their food his mother feeds some stray dogs every day. With all the huge waves in the sea of life, the boat of this small, happy family keeps sailing admirably.

Time marches on. Kabir gets a scholarship for his great mathematical skills and gets admitted to the largest college in Mumbai and devoted himself totally to bring out the best version of him with his ages-old dream of getting a good lifestyle for his family.

During his college life, Kabir received several awards for his great academic skills and he also completed various projects in the field of Advanced Mathematics. After completing his Ph.D. in Mathematics, Kabir becomes a Mathematics professor in a renowned university and gets a big house for his family who was very happy about all the success Kabir has achieved.

But besides the happiness of his family, Kabir always wondered how to make the way smooth for other needy kids to achieve their goals and also thought about how he can do something good for his dear old friend, that banyan tree.

So, after some years of service, arranging some funds Kabir opened an institute for poor kids to study for free and also for fellow researchers to continue their research in their respective fields. Due to his selfless motives and absolute dedication within a few years, his research institute became one of the greatest institutes worldwide and Kabir became one of the most renowned personalities in the world. And he also built a beautiful rock bed around that banyan tree and a park in that vacant area. His father has started a Social Organization whose main purpose is widening the way to a pollution-free world and his father has devoted his soul to it. His mother takes care of her garden having various beautiful flowers in it and she also writes books on useful gardening tips. His sister has now become a successful doctor and provides free medical care to needy people. 

Kabir and his family have set a great example for others how thinking for everyone’s welfare is one of the greatest virtues.

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