Losing Friends vs. Lovers


Sharing memories, late night calls, funny memes, deep dark secrets, inside jokes, and a million other things that make no sense to anyone else, they suddenly become really important to us. They have seen you at your worst and still love you, you can be completely yourself and enjoy your life without expectations, those are FRIENDS.

Giving a part of our happiness in someone else’s hand, loving someone in a way we haven’t before and realizing they mean more than a friend, moving forward together for a future and wanting to play a significant role in their life makes people LOVERS.

Each of us have been a part of either or both. Being in a relationship with a friend or a lover, it depends upon a very fine line of love and understanding. We often blindly trust the person and try to do whatever we can to keep it from breaking. But suddenly when something goes wrong by a small misunderstanding, the relationship shatters.

It is obvious, breaking-up either with a lover or a friend, hurts a lot.

Most of us have experienced heartbreaks from a friend or a lover at some point of time because when we create such bonds, they experience ups and downs. Everyone has  their own heartache.

Ending a friendship with someone that was close to you hurts a lot more than parting from a lover as there is no means of healing out of it.

There is nothing as valuable as a friend’s love. Often in a relationship with a lover some conversation signals the “official break-up” but when two friends start separating on their own paths, no one knows what happens at the moment and gradually the bond of friendship breaks off. These are situations where we can often end up feeling hurt.

We often talk about how painful it is to move on after breaking up with a partner, but hardly a few acknowledge the pain behind a broken friendship. Friends become an inseparable part of your life and your “Box of Secrets”. They have seen you in every aspect – whether it is crying or laughing, tantrums and accepting you the way you are.They have seen you grow.

I believe that finding a partner is somewhat easier than finding a new friend who can love you the way your old friend did. So, try to invest your time and love on your valuable friends who will always be there for you no matter where you are.

When you break up with your lover, there’s always someone to encourage us that we will be able to find someone better suited for us in our life ahead but it’s not the same for a broken friendship. It takes years to get over it and find a new friend who understands us so deeply. Next time when you talk to your friends, do not take them for granted. A bond like that needs to be nurtured and cared for.

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

Growing up, we see various portrayals of romantic love in the media but there exist only a few which exhibit what a true friendship looks like. While we learn how to deal with the heartbreak that comes from the loss of a lover, often we are left wondering what went wrong in our friendship and how someone who you felt inseparable with became so distant.

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56 thoughts on “Losing Friends vs. Lovers

        1. Vaishali Verma Post author

          It is not about priorities my dear, always be an open -heart and loyal to a friend or a lover, everything will work.

  1. Bhagyashree Lembhe

    Friendship is a beautiful concept exist in this world. And you have written really great article on this topic of losing friend vs love.
    Great article❤👌

  2. Vishal pundir

    Quintessential lines… 👍👍🙏 Friendship is like a new world if we can see this then you really have primacy of senses , friends are the inevitable part of our life.

  3. Bhagyashri chitte

    I can litrally connect each sentence of this artical to the reality. This article is everything that one needs to keep in mind whenever he/she feels lost sometimes. Couldn’t be more perfect!!♥️

  4. Vaishnavi Yadav

    World’s best relation is frndship…💫✨Friends are like flowers they blooms each other’s life🌸it much relatable…nd I liked the way you explained..🙌


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