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Sidney Sheldon has beautifully portrayed a cunning, manipulative but not evil self-dependent woman going through lengths to save her company. In the book, the consequence of not letting someone choose their career has been beautifully reflected. Apart from that, there are lots of twists and suspense throughout the story. 

Tony Black, the true heir of a multinational company wants to be an artist but is forced to take over the company by his mother. Alexandra and Eve, the two stunning Black twins – one is as innocent as a newborn and the other is twisted and evil, killing everyone that comes in the way of her property and company.

Watching over them is the most powerful woman in the world, Kate Black. For years she worked hard to build the company and can do anything for the sake of her one true love, the company. She is and always will be the master of the game.

The story revolves around the head of the multinational company, Kate, who is strong, ambitious, manipulative yet loving, and caring. It was Kate’s 90th birthday, and she was celebrating with her granddaughter Alexandra, with a fear in her heart of whom she would hand over her company. A company she has worked day and night for. The one her father struggled to bring on top.

Her affection for David, a man 20 years older, grew and soon she went to great lengths to bring him close. The lengths she took to get what she wanted was always high but also successful. But her life was not free from thrones. Soon an unfortunate event made them apart and there was nothing she could do. All she was left with was Tony!!

So obsessed with the things she wanted that she didn’t even spare Tony out of this. Tony was passionate about being an artist but again the game Kate played was huge and broke tony apart. His dream was ripped out of his mind and thrown somewhere he could never reach again by his mother. 

Kate didn’t bother to stop there. She manipulated Tony to marry a girl of her choice so that she could expand her company. Tony’s wife while giving birth to her child died but Tony thought it was his mother. She was shot by the person dearest to her but she had to survive to go through more misfortune in her life. 

Going deeper into the story the third generation of the family is yet another challenge in Kate’s life. And above all is the question-answer she is waiting for. Who is going to take over the company? Will it be Robert? What plans does one of her granddaughter have to destroy her whole hard work for the company? 

It is a phenomenal story by Sidney Sheldon, with drama and all kinds of twists you would never like to miss. Apart from that, the book brilliantly delivers the key message through the story. Overall, I will rate this masterpiece called Master of the Game 4.5 out of 5 and you should definitely go for the book if you love reading thriller stories.

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