Mid Summer Days

Graphic by Hoor

Ting ting ting, the bell echoes,

in deserted alleyways,

“Ice-cream! Ice-cream!

Homebound children come out!”

The sun simmers overhead,
children rush out to the ice-cream vendor,

as though a moth flying to a flame,

with their loose change clunking.

A cacophony of orders!

Draws in ire of mothers,

“Tsk tsk tsk! Their appetites will be ruined!

Haven’t we told the guard to keep him out?”

The chaos subsides,

the children retreat,

only to come out again,

when the Sun isn’t at its peak!

Mothers come out, lean over their balconies.

Looking over their little ones as they battle out,

“Who’s ice and who’s water?”

Gossiping while they sip their steaming cup of tea!

The Sun sets lower,

painting the sky with a deep shade of orange,

Their alarm goes off, “Come home! Come home!”,

“Not now mummy! Just five minutes longer?”

An ideal summer,

Certainly is a stunner!

Pleasant in its ways,

Clasps you in its warm embrace.

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