Money: Lifestyle or Survival?

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Money and happiness are the two most vital things required to survive. We cannot think of living without these two. I believe in the fact that money is related to happiness, and not just survival and here’s why:

We need money to buy even the basic necessities of a human being, food and shelter, to buy clothes, for academics, in short, for everything. If we don’t have money then we can’t live as we please and as a result, we are unhappy.

In a recent money happiness curve, it is found that increased wealth increases happiness. Practically speaking, money is one of the reasons for happiness. Students work hard academically so that they can get a good job, earn money and hence be happy. Individuals can basically buy anything or travel anywhere if we have money which is again a reason for happiness.

Time To Think

It totally depends on an individual’s thinking, if they keep money as their first priority or not. If money is their first priority, then yes, money is going to be the reason for his happiness. And if an individual thinks emotionally then money will not make him so happy like the former. First let us check what kind of person you are. It’s time to think, now.

Imagine your house is set on fire and all your family members and pets are safe. Now you have the opportunity to bring any three things from your burning house safely.

If you think of bringing out the non-materialistic things; like photo albums, scrapbooks, and such, then you are an emotional thinker. If you think of bringing materialistic items like a literal TV, or money stashes along with you, then you are a practical or situational thinker.

Is money everything?

Every individual is different and so is their thinking. It is not a bad thing if you are an emotional or practical person. It is your experiences or your thoughts and ideas that shape you. If you stay on the neutral side and think, then it may come to you that money is important but not entirely. It can buy things that make you happy. You can have peace of mind if you have enough money as financial issues will not burden your head. But can money buy you everything on the earth?

No, it can’t.

Facing The Truth

Money can bring you happiness but only to a certain extent. It is during difficult times that you get to know your true companion, so in a way, when you don’t have money you get to know the real colour of people around you, thus, you end up having a relationship with such people only and you are happy.


Money can make you happy but it cannot buy you happiness. I feel money is required for everybody to live, survival to be more specific, but it purely depends on a person’s thought process, dreams and their priorities. We are nobody to judge others. Money is not to be misunderstood as the means to all kinds of happiness.

Money is a necessary for survival, but it is not the only thing that can bring people satisfaction.

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25 thoughts on “Money: Lifestyle or Survival?

    1. Roshni Shetty

      Yes!! Money can make you happy but it cannot buy you happiness!! Beautifully written Kavya! All the best and keep going! ♥️

    2. Abdul khadar

      First off, you are an awesome writer!! And that’s on periodt!!
      Every word was just 100% true. There’s no denying the fact that money is important in one’s life but certainly it can’t buy everything like trust, true love…etc
      Once again u r brilliant

  1. Anusha

    So true….! Amazingly written kavya 💞 I am impressed in ur article…😍and All the very best for ur upcoming article……❤❣

  2. Anusha

    True fact !!! Amazingly written kavya 💞 I am impressed in ur article…😍and All the very best for ur upcoming article……❤❣


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