Mysteries Underneath

Unruffled and far

from the cacophony of the city,

lies a cosmos drenched in deep blues,

a galaxy stretching

a thousand feet underneath us.

Like a live mirror to the sky,

it glows and darkens

through star fishes 

and birds with fins 

floating around,

every corner opening

into a new shade of blue,

from sapphire to turquoise.

Like wonders creeping in

through the crevices of this barren land,

exists an abundance of beating hearts,

abundant hearts 

throwing life into the sea

yet never lesser room

for more of them.

Like a treasure kept secret 

from the evils and the ordinary,

it promises mysteries 

unbeknownst to city dwellers,

too busy in the trivialities of everyday

to realize that

ultimate peace lies 

in the depths of the sea.

Like a masterpiece 

born out of accident 

once in a blue moon,

and an artist 

who cannot believe his eyes

for the magic he created, 

God resides underwater

for the universe of the ocean is a creation

too perfect to be left bereft of him. 

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