No Chance of Winter

Graphic by Irfan Khan

I’ve always wondered
How wintertime’s fragrance would taste on my nose.

Frosty the Snowman,
Snow at soft as satin,
They only existed as myths.

The only thing I ever knew,
Was a temperature of 40 degrees.

The first time,
My feet ever touched,
The sweet, gentle snow,
Became a memory etched into my mind.

It was always bright that day,
Setting the tone for our mood.

Molten hot chocolate.
The skating rink.
Making snow angels all day long.
Laughing softly,
As music rang from above.
A winter wonderland.

For the first time,
I shivered from the cold.

Though like the passing sun,
My joy didn’t last very long.
Soon after, came seven o clock.
The lights overhead turned off.
Along with the artificial snow.

That disquieting voice,
Announced that the mall was shutting down.

It was back to the heat.
And I was reminded,
There was no chance of winter.
It was back to 40 degree weather.

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