“If you are going to be horrible to me, I’m going to write a song about it, you won’t like it. This is how I operate.” Such a strong thought process is working here. The brave person who believes is none other than Hollywood singer and song-writer Taylor Swift. She has always fought against various issues faced by society. The quote has been a social call against ‘BULLYING’.

Since time immemorial, the system of bullying has been evident and has rather become much worse than ever. From school level to the corporate and from physical to mental, in any field, cases of bullying can be found. There is still a question that remains. What is this ‘Bullying’? How does it originate? What are its effects?

To be precise, it can be said that Bullying is a form of dominance which involves violence, force and threatening someone. It is habitual and gives pleasure in hurting others. This can take a turn of events in the worst direction when the series of bullying goes on increasing and happens daily. It might lead to taking away the precious lives of innocent people, without any fault of theirs.

Over the years, the mediums have variably changed depending on nature and the area. Based on nature, these are of various types. It can be physical, cyber, disability, verbal, relational, gay, parent and many more. Based on the area, there are also many categories under it. From hospital to the workplace, from military to school, there is no such field left where no cases of bullying have been found. No place is safe and devoid of bullying.

A very weird psychology works over here which leads to hurting innocent people. There has always been a point to target the weak ones who do not have that much courage or confidence to stand against them and fight for their selves. Rather, they keep facing it, leading to killing their inner self or the worst, taking away their own life. The people who haunt them to this level think it to be just a mere funny thing. But it is not. Some people may realise it at some point but some don’t stop. They keep on doing finding that “The victim will never reveal about me, let’s take a little more advantage of it.”They keep on forcing the victim even if he/she doesn’t want to do it.

The maximum victims of ‘Bullying’ have been found amongst school, college or university students. There has been a lot of cases found in India itself, whether it is a private or a government. It is also interesting to find the extremities of such a dreadful crime did not receive the required punishment they deserved. This is what happens in our country. To highlight some of the real examples, I would be taking references from various states of India. A guy committed suicide because of severe bully from a senior. A student locked himself for over 24 hours in his hostel room after getting brutally beaten by college seniors. A bullied student was beaten to death by metal rods by seniors. The list keeps on continuing over the years of human existence.

Both nature and inhumanity are quite visible through this. It is something that has to be stopped from the root. Awareness is the best option for this severe crime. Schools and colleges started various campaigns and rules of not bullying or ragging any junior students, under any circumstances. Anti-bully laws have been laid by the Indian Government. Still, a question remains. Is this enough for this crime? If a person cannot change his/her mentality, this will never stop. Cases are still heard about it from various sources and the victim is left with no other option but to take up drastic steps. At this juncture, let us all take a step against this and reach out to all the people.   

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