Graphic by Mrunal Pawar


It’s half and half, terrifying fights

And late night snacks.

Cool breeze in the summer, caressing

The brunette highlights; like my fingers

It is like the golden rimmed glasses

You thrifted from Italy.

Pretty little notes

Stuck in the refrigerator with magnets,

‘I love NewYork’ t-shirts and blurry Polaroids

Sun in the city, moon in the night sky

Writing poetry as if it’s the last goodbye


It’s giving up your choices, to find the one

Who you’d offer an umbrella in a rainy day

While the puddles count your footsteps

Lost in the glares of indirect eye contact

More than the heart, more than beats

A meadow of sunflowers and vacant bridge

Casting shadows and making them laugh

Leaving like guitar strings, dancing apart

Lavender perfumes every morning

Boutiques, picnics and memories in the jar


I’ve not known what could be shown In a thousand ways, everywhere, everytime

That one stranger in the subway who’s kind

To break the silence with a smile

A blonde 5- year old who bares her teeth

Believing in an Angel who took it

Co-worker who gave chocolates,

The one who you’ve always hated

Nature is weird, the heart wants what it does

And I, inexperienced in a lifetime, my love like a loss incurred!

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