They say ignorance is bliss.
And rightly so
To be a rebel in this cruel world,
And ignore reality,
With its unwritten rules,
And fly to the forbidden forests,
Where fantastical creatures and dreams are let loose and allowed to sing their hearts out,
Where the sun and moon shine according to your will.

Where in a snap of your fingers,
Flowers bloom in your favorite colors,
Where there is no poverty,
No crime,
No evil,
Only joy and freedom,
A world that is so utterly perfect,
That we suddenly realize,
It cannot exist.

That a world only filled with Good is fake,
If so much Good can exist,
There has to exist an equal amount of evil,
To balance the world.

You see,
There is always going to be something good and favorable and something bad and unfavorable,
And sometimes when the bad gets too much for us to handle,
We choose to ignore the evil.
We choose to search for the good in the bad.
We choose.

Ignorance is a choice.
A choice we must feel very lucky to have,
For it lets us breathe,
It keeps us alive in times of distress,
It provides us with just that extra ounce of hope.
They say Ignorance is bliss.
And they rightly say so.

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