Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Graphic by Eric Estibeiro

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with being in a group? Do you constantly feel overlooked and undervalued? Have you ever felt like it is wrong to be introverted? Then look no further, because the book I’m going to talk about today is a one stop solution for you.

‘Quiet’, written by Susan Cain, is a revolutionary step in the modern world which is now inclined more towards the extroverts. It is a simple, yet powerful text which will teach introverts the power they possess, and the others to let the quiet ones live life on their own terms.

Through this book, the author explains how there are two fundamental qualities which divide the world – introversion and extroversion. Everyone born on earth falls under either of these two, and are thus labelled as an introvert or an extrovert. But why is it that only the louder ones, the ones who talk the most, or the ones who seem to be confident are labelled as responsible and charismatic? What about the quieter ones who are just as creative? Those who can probably plan a whole event by themselves, but are perhaps a bit soft spoken to bark orders? And those who might be average in group activities, but excel when they work alone?

Introverts are often overlooked, their skills undervalued, and are told to comprehend the importance of socialising. This world, which prefers social skills over everything else, fails to understand the intricate and diverse minds of introverts, and simply tells them to ‘come out of their shells’. The author calls this phrase “a noxious expression which fails to appreciate that some animals naturally carry shelter everywhere they go, and that some humans are just the same.”

Susan Cain dives deep into the issue – starting from how we are all psychologically altered to differentiate between introverts and extroverts, and goes on to explain the physical and mental traits of both types of people. She proves that introverts are just as smart, good looking, diligent and creative as extroverts. The only difference is that they are more sensitive to certain things, and tend to think rather than react to situations.

The author stresses time and time again how introversion doesn’t decrease someone’s strength, and provides examples and stories to prove her writing. Anecdotes from the author’s personal experience, people she has met in her life, as well as famous people we all know have been included in the book.

All in all, ‘Quiet’ is a great read for all introverts struggling to come to terms with their reality. It is an inspiring, powerful, informative, relatable, quirky and heartfelt book, for introverts, by an introvert.

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