Graphic by Aarathi K G

You look up at the sky,

Gazing at the stars and wondering what secrets they hold.

But there is no saying as to why,

These glittering mysteries have never been told.

Maybe we can leave them twinkling above, 

For there are things which we will never know.

But the skies also shower so much love,

Some in rain, and some in snow.

The touch of blue reaches us,

Not always at the right time,

The roaring sky teaches us,

How the words of life will not always rhyme.

The sky leaves those drops on the ground,

After holding on to it tight,

Even we make a similar silent sound,

After losing something we thought was right.

There is no timing for rain,

It just comes and goes away,

And there is no timing for pain,

It just comes and goes away.

We keep wondering how the skies turn so cold,

Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Contemplating things we couldn’t behold,

Regretting them and living with doubt.

But monsoon brings so much joy,

We find so much beauty in these raining skies,

Our miseries don’t always destroy,

They help us grow, to live and rise.

Seasons change, so do we,

Isn’t that what life’s all about?

it’s not always what we want to see,

This is how the raining skies also shout.

We’ve given name to their mourning phase,

They cry, we call it the rainy season,

Letting it out loud is the way through life’s maze,

Even the skies don’t hold it without any reason.

So maybe there is no timing for rain,

It just comes and goes away,

So it’s fine if there is no timing for pain,

It will come, but will eventually go away.

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