Know The Reds’ and Blues’ About Violence in Movies

A volcano erupts from the core of the Earth. A baby sees the world out from the womb of a mother. Diamonds are dug deep from the soil. So, did you get by now? Obviously not, right? There is a particular place from where volcanoes, a fetus or diamonds come out from. In the same manner, the media and entertainment industry use scenes and thrills to define violence in characters.

Violence in today’s time somehow is a systematic reflection of articulated acts that collect Box Office from the public. Just not Box Office, violence in movies either shape a young mind or crack into pieces so much that one day the individual can land up behind bars. Violence shown in the movies, in actual terms or indirect format is often hatched in families. To know what violence in movies does or has the capacity to do, stay tuned to the last dot of the article.

Violence in movies: Standing Effects of the Cause

The concept of playing violence in movies holds immense effects that down trod mind, health, peer group, family and body at large. In a report taken down from an urban environment, undergraduates aged 18 to 21 years showed unexpected results. Experts claim after watching violent movies they exhibited hostile social relations, increase in diastolic blood pressure, uncooperative mannerism, escalated use of marijuana and reckless sexual involvement activity without proper education. In relation to health, media violence or violence in movies develop psychologically negative attitudes and criminal outcomes in young adulthood.

Media and Violence Go Hand in Hand

Every utility comes with its own guidance and warnings. Impact of movies or television upon children is a year old sage to debate upon. Yes, definitely, movies depict action or violence to catch the attention of young mass. But, what parents hold in their hand is the CONTROL mode. Life is all about making choices. If you offer wild snake milk, it’s going to bite you someday or the other. But, what anyone can do is to avoid milking a snake. The whole concept is if you allow your child to watch movies containing violence, there is no doubt that you allow them to imbibe the nature of violence in them. Complaining about the behavior in later life is just the same as making a fool out of you. 

According to the Health Day News, 2019 marked the up surging of violent movies taking space in the minds of individuals. Violent movies might trigger the criminal mind in kids’ camas, a horrifying cradle for the parents. But a new study suggests PG-13-rated movies; do not harm the innocent intellect of kids. So, the comparison in the years is transparent enough to understand for children what should be allowed and what to be constrained with.

Media Violence: Parents & People-in-Position 

It’s very easy and in-hand attitude to blame the entertainment industry for sanctioning violence in movies. But as parents, executives, writers, producers and directors it’s a primary duty to do one’s own bit to break the circle. It’s crucial to break the ‘circle of blame’. Now, what’s the best starting point to take charge of children’s evolving period devoid of vociferous movies? Let’s take them in a point-to-point format.

• Set guidelines on what your children watch. Cut off with negative movies. Add media with comic videos and leisure activities.

• Talk, talk and Talk! The best method to change the impact of violence shown in movies is to communicate with your children. Talk about how violence in movies can only be restricted to the screen and not collage them in the real world. Educating religiously about violence shown in the silver screen is the key space to handle a child’s brain.

• Pen is mightier than sword. It’s now high time and place of value for the writers in movies to delete violent scenes from their pen and add creativity to build a better family tomorrow. People-in-position are the real deal breakers in eradicating violence in the media. 

 It’s not how media violence or violence in the media has got a definition. Now, it’s the perfect century to define our acts. It takes only one Osama bin Laden to train hundreds of human threats to a Family, Society, Nation and Humanity at large. The fundamental concept of Power Rangers or any influential action movie should not lie on what amount of violence can be put forth to attract kids. It should solely be because of a message to take back home.

Cartoon violence, sexual violence, psychological or emotional violence, well-rewarded violence, parody or realistic violence are the evolving media violence that parents, writers, directors and every individual should look into before allowing your kid to watch. Not just kids, undergraduates, evolving teenagers and young adults should check and examine what they are filling their platter with!

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