Relishing in the Wilderness

Graphic by Hoor

As a man, I tried to hide my life,

I put on a mask, fake smiles,

Often I glanced into the mobile,

Trying to find something worthwhile 

In my loneliest of times,

I got rejected by every friend,

Everyone unknowingly behest me to cry,

Everyone, unknowingly, wanted my end

But those days are not many,

As I relish in the days,

I go back to the memories

The rewind button I play

I remember when I was small,

I caught jugnoos in a glass jar,

Their soothing green light was my fall,

I fell in love with my jugnoo yaar (friend) 

When I was 13 I saw some pigs,

Running away into the wild grass,

They bathed in dirt, ate country figs,

I always gave them a quiet pass

I also heard jackals in the night,

As I tried to sleep in the darkness,

I heard them growl in delight,

Or maybe it was sadness …

The only thing I wanted to do,

Was somehow speak to them,

I wanted to make a dance crew,

Of jackals, sheeps and boar men

I didn’t understand what they spoke,

But I tried talking in their ways,

When I see a dog I make sure,

To repeatedly tap his forehead

The dogs tail wags like a broom,

Trying to free itself from the back,

There was always enough room,

For a street dog in need of a pat

Once I sat on a bench,

Under the shade of a banyan tree,

A squirrel arrived with hope and friends,

She was the only one coming near me

I picked up a piece of food, put it on my fingers,

I stared at that little mouse,

She came close, I grew afraid as she lingered,

I threw everything, peaced out 

She took the food away soon,
But was furious when she re-arrived,

I think she was not in the mood,

She tried to bite my finger in disguise

All these creatures are evidence,

That nature is a lovely beauty,

I don’t even need to make sense,

To make relishing in nature my duty

When I fell in love with nature,

I found myself living in the best of times,

The squirrels, the snakes, the bears, the sunsets,

Everything natural became mine

The day I stepped into the wild,

Was the day I also lost myself,

Because I became one with nature,

And it became one with me.

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