Rewind and Reconcile!

rewind and reconcile

Going by the book, reconciliation is the restoration of friendly relations. It is to reunite with the once we have separated ourselves from. Having the capability to let go of the bad terms and reconcile with each other is a virtue on its own. It’s a virtue that is difficult to acquire in its true sense.

Let’s start from the beginning, in relationships of the mortal world misunderstanding between people is not so unusual. Misunderstandings often take place due to lack of communication, as humans we feel a lot but often fail to express what we feel. Even though feelings can’t always be translated into words, we can convey the gist of the matter using the right words. But we fail to do that, many of us are even too afraid to try, afraid of rejection, afraid of being misunderstood, so we choose to stay quite not express what we feel, not say what we want to and when this cycle continues to take place in a relationship distance generates. The distance often results in anger and at the end, ties are severed. The relations which end due to mere misunderstandings often deserve a second chance. A chance to reconcile with their loved ones. A genuine conversation of an hour or so can make a big difference and help such relationships heal as well as help people reconcile, reunite.

Taking from my personal experience, I can say that in the case of real relationships it is not that hard to reconcile. Accept all you have to and talk it out with the other person, they love and care about you, it’s just that either they are hurt or angry. Once you tell them what went wrong and why things happen the way they did they will understand. All things are not hard to forgive and forget moreover reconciliation doesn’t mean going back to the same space you were at it just means not being distant. Reconnecting the bonds which were broken.

Remember, just one thread attaching two people is enough to mend all the severed ties, it’s enough reason to concord with the other party. You don’t always need to forget but if you can forgive and let go, getting back with that person isn’t very difficult. Even God has blessed the peacemakers. Forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues a human can possess, if you can forgive then you can reconcile and be at peace with all.

Ending this, I would just say that, even you have someone you treasure and if things ever start going south with this person and you end with broken ties just remember to try and reconcile with this person. Give it your best to reunite with them and even if you can’t go back to how things were in the first place you can make peace with one another as well as yourself.

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