Self-Care: Our Way To A Better Life

Like our body and environment, our soul and mind also need detoxification to rejuvenate them. When we talk about self-care, we need to remind ourselves that self-care is not selfish. It’s a healthy approach towards upgrading our system through love and care towards our own self. There are several methods to stir clear the noxious stuff out of our system. Ranging from the emotional arena to the spiritual domain, personal care is a tool with wide application.

With increasing dependency on virtual aspects, the peak pandemic era wasn’t easy for any of us. The virtual world isn’t a safe place to be; its toxicity is mind-boggling. If not consumed with spaced breaks, it can lead to massive damage to our mental health and well-being. It was one such instance in my life, back in the month of January. The increased level of virtual interaction was taking a huge toll on my mental peace. Talking about toxicity, we know how conversations often lead to gossip and criticism. I came across a lot of criticism from my virtual mates which led me to the horrifying conclusion of “nothing I do is ever going to be good enough.” Circumstantially, I became a people-pleaser for acceptance and validation. With increasing screen hours, my grades had fallen in the pit. All in all, I was a person addicted to the virtual world, who thrived on people’s validation. I was ignorant of how self-sabotaging my thoughts were. But then, how much can a soul actually withhold? I was tired of my deteriorating grades. I was so fed up with keeping up a facade I realised wasn’t the real me. I decided to cut my circle short along with taking a month’s break from the bizarre virtual world. When I returned, I wasn’t that addicted girl anymore, who prioritized her virtually created image. That girl couldn’t stop pleasing people, this one couldn’t stop focusing on what’s actually important.

Emotional self-care consists of prioritizing our feelings and nurturing our intellectual power. It requires us to set up healthy boundaries and emotional support. To enhance emotional health, one needs to incorporate methods like self-talk and meditation. Sometimes, delving into creativity also helps a great deal by bringing calmness and peace to our aura. For example, dance brings me peace of mind. I usually express my excitement, anxiety, grief, stress, and happiness through dance. Remember, you don’t need to master the art to enjoy it. Creativity opens a window through which you can express your deepest and darkest desires without much thinking or proficiency. A continuous conversation with our inner-self is also important to keep a check on our emotional well-being. In hours of need, we tend to need people for support and ease. In such a time, a friend can be of great help when you can’t put a finger on what’s wrong.

Our body is a demanding institution that requires constant management and upgradation. A good amount of sleep and exercise is very important for the existence of a healthy body. Anything that turns stagnant mostly loses its charm. During my med-school preparation days, the only thing I used to do was to sit and study for long hours, apart from sleeping and eating. Hence, I started suffering from diseases stemming from my increased weight and getting no physical exercise. What we consume often reflects on our physical health. However, these diseases often mess up your mental health as well. After my exam, I started working out. The increased flow of oxygen into my system along with rigorous physical exercise helped me boost my confidence, internal system, and physical health. In the initial days, I couldn’t even climb the stairs without running out of breath. However, with time, I turned into this super active person with high core strength. Good food with a hygienic routine also serves as a quick passage to better health. Productivity and efficiency come with calculated practices. Hence, we need to look out for newer and better ways to enhance ourselves as part of our self-care.

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness help in reducing stress and stimulate the circulation of a positive vibe into our system. Yoga harmonizes our body, mind, and spirit. My institute had a strong inclination towards yoga which helped me create a very strong and unnerving personality. I have dealt with the toughest of times with a calm and composed front. Incorporating yoga and meditation into my daily life has increased my productivity and efficiency to a superior level. Someone with a troubled soul generally tends to resort to spiritual ways to clear the barriers within. Spiritual self-care connects us to our true selves. Believing in that supreme power has kicked off a lot of burden off my shoulder. Sometimes, things don’t go according to our choices. At that time, spirituality reminds me of how everything is destined to take its natural course of action, some way or the other. This reels in a sense of satisfaction within me. More often than not, we keep layering our inner self with masks that fit the definitions given by the world. Music, art, and literature are great gifts given to the world. It improves our mental space. Spiritual self-care helps in getting a better night’s sleep and improved relationships in this fast paced world.

Concluding this, I would like to say, in the long run, with self-care comes productivity and longevity. It can have a positive effect on our health and well-being. However, self-care requires commitment, discipline, and investment. We need to remember that self-care isn’t something to copy from others. We all have a different process that provides us with our share of peace. Hence, when practicing self-care, we need to focus on inculcating those certain things in our routine only. Self-care is a demanding process but with a strong process, comes a multitude of results.

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