Spring Days and Starry Nights

The storms swept me away,
Took my smile, happiness and peace,
You dragged me out, pulled me close,
Embracing my chaos, you fixed me piece by piece.

After the cold and dark winters,
You walked in like a warm spring,
Told me, time doesn’t wait for us,
Let’s live to the fullest and keep moving.

You didn’t promise me dinner dates,
To long drives or movies, we have never been,
Laying under the night sky you taught me,
Love lives like the brightest galaxy within.

The way you hold me when I fall,
Fall into the deepest of my fears,
I’d be lost without you by my side,
With a heart full of pain and eyes flooded with tears.

Stars aid the moon to walk through all of its phases,
As they wait patiently to shine bright again, but together,
Let’s walk through all our flaws and fears
Based on fanatic fairy tales, let’s plan for a together and forever.

Pervading through our universe,
As our hearts and souls intertwine,
Let’s paint pictures of our spring days and starry nights,
Where I’ll be a warm spring day and you be the moon, all mine.

Keeping aside our first love that ditched,
The love that taught us how much we loved right in the past,
Maybe the universe was telling us,
That this is our last love, the love that will forever last.

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