The Last Time (s)

“God! How drunk were you?” Amyra exclaimed as she tossed her clutch in the air when she entered the room. “Look at that poor hand. Are you happy now that you can’t move it?” She commented as she closely inspected my fractured arm and the bruises on my face. I flinched and groaned in…

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Yet Another Fairytale Retelling

Three figures, drenched from head to toe burst into a house to escape from the storm – Belle and her two sisters. They had fled from their village to escape the wrath of the beast who had set its sights on Belle and would surely be on their trail by now. Hopefully, they had gained…

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Autumn Is For Eloping

Miniscule specs of gasps trailed across, hinting none but the sheer quantity of apprehension scattering from the likes of Amber. No, she whimpered in agitation, dreading to feel the growl of liberty. This could not be happening for all one knows. No remedy possessed out there that could, again, possibly jerk off her indulgence in…

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Dear Lover, I Dreamt of You

Dear Lover,

It is the crack of dawn outside. The sun is soon going to paint the sky a vibrant shade of blue and conquer the darkness that lingers every night. The Skylarks are going to be awake to spread their sweet song in the air. I could not resist my urge to inscribe my thoughts…

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Ruby Eyes

Pitter patter. The rain fell with an eerie harmony. He opened his eyes to a room dimly lit by the fluorescent streetlight nearby. Mildly disoriented, it took Akim a minute to realize where he was. After dumbly staring at the translucent grey curtains until he could finally open both his eyes, he found it fit…

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A Dream I Keep On Having

It was past midnight when I heard muffled voices in my front yard. My curtains were drawn and my eyes half shut. I was resting my head on the dining table and had almost fallen asleep while reading a lifestyle magazine I bought from ablind woman in Mumbai local. It must be the neighbour’s kids….

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