Sunshine, Winter and A Little Plant of Hope

Underneath the clear blue sky
My little sunflower grew
From a tiny seed
To a yellow petaled exotic bloom
Attracting every eye
That passed by.

It danced with the Wind
Losing itself in the arms of ecstasy. 
It tracked the sun
From dawn till dusk
Bending down when the moon was up
Refusing to see anyone
Except the one she admired, the Sun! 

The Summer was filled with joy
But it passed by soon
The approaching black clouds
Would make it shudder
The winter was on the edge 
Which made it stutter. 

My little plant of hope 
Withered faster than it otherwise would
The approaching deathly winter
Was making it fear 
And give up on life 
Earlier than it should. 

Some sunshine in the winter
Filled it with courage
To face death
And survive the dread. 
Winter's cold made it wither a little, 
But the gentle kiss of spring 
Casts a spell 
To make it bloom again and twiddle. 

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