Swimming In An Endless Well

“Adi, did you just break another glass tumbler ?” shouted Adi’s mom from the kitchen.

“No, mom. It just slipped off the shelf,” replied teary-eyed Adi.

“Shut up! This is the fifth glass you have broken this week. Useless fellow! Doesn’t money  mean anything to you? You just waste father’s hard-earned money. Forget about your dinner tonight,” Adi’s mom shouted again.

Locking himself up in the bedroom, Adi cried, covering his face with his hands, thinking that he’s worthless by getting only passing marks in the class test, and his parents had humiliated him in front of his friends.

Adi is a 16-year-old boy with a look that is called ugly by society and his classmates have also made this statement like a fact to him by criticizing his look in every insulting way possible. Living with this illusory immense pain is just like a small decorating element to the huge cake made of unbearable situations Adi faces every moment.

Adi is a good football player and a good sketcher also but neither of these two great talents mean anything to his parents. As having only a small job in a private firm and living in a one-bedroom flat facing immense struggles, his parents are somehow obsessed to see Adi having a huge Government job. And for this greater target, they think that getting good grades in every academic exam is the only way to achieve the bigger target. But having all his interest in the art of imagining, observing things and sketching them, Adi finds himself incapable to love the academic syllabus being imposed on him and as the result, he never gets good grades.

Today, the result of the board exam papers has been published and Adi had failed in two papers. Since the day of result, Adi has been beaten furiously and been insulted tremendously by his parents and relatives. All those unbearable experiences have made the speed of his downfall in his mind very faster.

The downfall started some days ago when Adi’s father suffered a heart attack and being unable to afford the expenses of his treatment, his mother had to sell all her jewelry. From then Adi’s will to end the financial struggle of his family has become much stronger but he has always been told that good grades are the only way to success and as he never gets good grades, he started to think that he is incapable of standing by his parents.

Again when one day his school had arranged a huge art exhibition, Adi, who was really fond of art among his classmates, could not attend the exhibition being unable to afford the entry fees while his classmates who could do nothing but making fun of others’ weaknesses, visited the exhibition. This small miss of opportunity caused a huge attack on the already bleeding inside of the simple creative soul Adi.

With all these pains and the breaking of his self-esteem, Adi often cries in any place he gets himself alone as like most other families in our society he was not allowed to feel emotions of his own being the youngest one.

But despite all the  struggle the small, simple kid living inside Adi likes to keep faith in nature and hopes that it will help uplift him one day and Adi keeps moving on in life.

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