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The Pangs of Amatonormativity 4 (2)

Are you being bugged by your peers to get into a relationship? Does the thought of finding “Love” makes you feel pressured? Well, you might have been smitten by “Amatonormativity”, a term that has been coined by the Arizona State University professor of philosophy Elizabeth Brake to put a label on societal assumptions about romance. It’s a combination of 2 words ‘Amato’, an Italian word for romantic love and ‘normativity’ meaning what’s seen as culturally normal worldwide.

Understanding Consent: what is it and why is it important? 4.2 (10)

Consent is one of those concepts that people, especially Indians are not very familiar with; a concept we do not consider important enough to put the effort to understand and implement in our lives. Our culture has never been very keen on the need for understanding what consent is or how it is important for […]

Is Chintu too smart or are we too dumb? 5 (4)

Education in India has always been theorized as monotonous and old. It mostly concentrated on literal and point-to-point learning until the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 came into effect. The policy has the strength to change the whole dynamic of Indian Education. When it comes to subjects like coding, AI, design thinking, etc. they never […]

From Coral Reefs to Elephants: A World That Values 4.5 (4)

‘Unity in diversity’ this famous phrase not only binds different races, cast, creed, and sex among humans but also ties us with the diverse kingdom of flora and fauna. The variety of plants and animals is known as Biodiversity. So, what this has to do with me? Putting biodiversity in other words ‘every individual matters’. […]