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Beauty Bias is the favoritism towards individuals that are considered to be attractive regardless of their intellectual capabilities. The presence of this bias is well-documented in our everyday life. The standards of beauty also define the competency of a human. That is why we often see beautiful people getting hired sooner as compared to their unattractive coworkers. But beauty has nothing to do with competency.

Media – Left, Right or Neutral? 5 (1)

The selection of news channels decides if the union budget for the upcoming financial year is beneficial or disastrous. It seems a bit strange that a fact too can have more than one interpretation which is supposed to be the case with literature only. A fact when served with bias, according to agenda can only be compared to literature. This is one of the most dangerous phenomena happening around us. Media, which in its inception days was trusted by millions for the only source of news is considered as an entertainment platform now.

Judiciary and Bigotry: The Endless Debate 4 (2)

Law is regarded as one of the noble professions on Earth, and The Hall of Justice never discriminates against anyone who walks through its doors. Law and justice are two man-made concepts with naturalness; however, the irony of this profession is very immaculate. It is the pathway through which people from different sides of society […]