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Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities: A Literary Masterpiece 5 (2)

Are you a travel enthusiast, an architecture-lover or someone who loves to explore unknown labyrinths of fiction in their free time? If you want to see spiral staircases adorned in spiral seashells, visit the city of Isidora. Or Anastasia, a place where “your desires waken all at once and encircle you,” famous for its golden pheasant roasted over fires of seasoned cherry wood and dusted with copious delicious marjoram. Looking for a location with even more adventure? Consider Octavia, which spans a chasm between two mountain tops using ropes, chains, and catwalks.

The Human That Never Was 3.3 (3)

We’ve all been late to work or college sometime or the other in our lives. The frantic frenzy that follows, from getting off the bed to dressing up, tripping over yourself to stuffing whatever there is for breakfast and rushing out the door. But imagine finding your body transformed into something you do not recognise. That is how Gregor Samsa finds himself in the morning before work, very late and looking like a vermin as the book begins. 

Altering My Mental State Without Psychedelic Drugs 5 (5)

I used to find books reprehensible as a kid and saw reading as an incredibly futile pursuit. Why would I want to gain knowledge that will never be put to test? Following the same tangent, the little I read was exclusive to academics. Desperate attempts were made to usher me into the cult of readers, […]

Book Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney 5 (2)

Normal People, published in 2018 by Faber and Faber, is written by Irish author Sally Rooney. The novel went on to be longlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize as well as the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction and received an array of accolades including the British Book Award for Book of the Year 2019, […]

Book Review: The Kite Runner 4.8 (8)

The book, “The Kite Runner” has been written by Khalid Hosseini, who is an Afghan American. The story is set in Afghanistan in 1975, against the backdrop of a heartbreaking series of events including the Soviet Military intervention and the fall of Afghanistan’s Monarchy. It majorly revolves around the life events of a boy named […]