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A Night I’ll Never Forget 4.5 (2)

On the night of October 11th 2016, I went through a life-altering experience – something that shook me to the core. I never thought I could ever talk about it but as time passed, I’ve learnt that the only way I could deal with it is if I confront it. It was just 24 hours that I could never get out of my head but to be honest, I hardly remember any of it which is what makes it worse for me. I have spent days, months, and years now trying to piece together every hour of that day but all I have is what others saw and what I felt. It was a journey for me, and I’ll try taking you along with me.

Orthorexia: Genuine Desire to Unhealthy Obsession 0 (0)

Introduction Imagine waking up in the morning and sipping black tea as you go through the morning paper, followed by a green smoothie and a gluten-free sandwich topped with avocado. Sounds peachy and awesome, doesn’t it? There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and being at zen but when it becomes an obsession and reaches […]