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An Ideal Day 5 (1)

Ideal, by definition, means perfect. So, a day where everything is exactly how you would like it to be, wouldn’t that be great? I haven’t ever really thought about it. It almost feels pressurising. What if twenty-four hours are not enough? There is so much I want to do, so many places I want to see and so many people I want to meet that I’m scared I might miss out on something but I’m going to make an attempt at penning it down.

He Mustn’t Get Royally Caught 0 (0)

A row of seats adorns the hall where the drapes align with the reflecting glass windows. Archways of gold reemerge at each passing pillar. Bedding the floor, the pearl carpet of Baroda sits underneath the legacy of this country. Scratched and slanted, battle scars strike across the steel weaponry that actually showcases the pride of […]