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#FreeBritney announces Spears’ spearheaded victory 3.8 (4)

The concept of surveillance has always been a multilayered affair because of its many undertones like care, discipline, watching, controlling and what not. The conditioning of society has placed an emphasis on how an adult should behave and is expected to be ‘stable’. The aspiration towards achieving upward class mobility has resulted in the privileging […]

Swimming In An Endless Well 4 (2)

“Adi, did you just break another glass tumbler ?” shouted Adi’s mom from the kitchen. “No, mom. It just slipped off the shelf,” replied teary-eyed Adi. “Shut up! This is the fifth glass you have broken this week. Useless fellow! Doesn’t money  mean anything to you? You just waste father’s hard-earned money. Forget about your […]

Friendship is a Pan of Stouffer’s Lasagna 3.3 (10)

“I’m disappointed in you”, the most excruciatingly painful sentence a person can be told by someone they care about. It surpasses “I hate you”, “Goodbye” or “I’ll never forgive you.” It means that that person held you in a higher regard than you could ever think, and now you’re falling from grace at an accelerated […]

A Case of the Winter Blues 0 (0)

When winter arrives, for most of us, the holiday cheer arrives. The town is decked with lights and people look forward to the beginning of next year with hopes and dreams. It’s the time of the year where the cold temperatures make you want to snuggle in a nook with a nice book and cup of hot chocolate or get together with family to enjoy a lavish feast for Christmas with Santa handing out presents. Sounds like a scene from a fairytale, doesn’t it?