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As I looked around me,Barren land was all I could see.Beneath me, was the ground slowly crumbling,And above, the big black clouds were grumbling. My eyes were blinded by the heavy mist.And from nowhere, suddenly, I felt a fist,Inflict my empty stomach,And I was immediately reminded of my unfortunate luck. A rough hand then pushed […]

The Blue Day Dream 0 (0)

‘Daydreaming is an art and daydreamers are artists’, this was one of my favourite quotes that I copy pasted from Google and added to my WhatsApp bio when I was 14. Needless to say, it still is one of my favourites. Dreams, in general, and daydreams in particular are the best thing that happens to me at any given point of time. I was an average student in middle school and never had any big hopes for myself.