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Value Yourself More: A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way 0 (0)

Let’s go back a few years. I had just finished school and was still unsure of what I wanted to do with life. I asked for a gap year to figure it out but was met with, “Fine, we can get you married in that year.” I said nope, picked a college, and tried to mentally prepare myself for what was in store. My perception of college had always been warped thanks to 3 Idiots, where I saw college kids un-alive themselves and attempt the same. That meant, in my head, if I went to college, I would die.

A Friend in Need 0 (0)

Tears stained her pillow as her hollow screams were silenced. She turned and looked around her room looking for something that would occupy her mind and stop her from crying. She lay down on her now moist pillow and clutched her bed sheet tight and gritted her teeth, willing herself to stop crying. Slowly, her body relaxed and she took a couple of deep breaths as she realised she’d stopped crying. A few gasps escaped her lips as she steadied her breathing and sat up at the edge of her bed. “Tasha!” called out her mother’s cheerful voice from downstairs, “Dinner’s ready.” She sighed, wondering how her mother was never aware of what she was feeling, “Coming!” cried out her hoarse voice in reply.


A photo album is a goldmine of memories. From the first step we take to our graduation, every small or big achievement and even moments where we share a tear or smile together is treasured. Every fleeting moment becomes a memory for tomorrow. Now be it a happy one or sad one, every second we spend today will become things we miss tomorrow. Time has its own tangled way, don’t you think? I read this amazing quote on Pinterest, “The moment you start thinking of the beginning it’s the end.” Whenever I’m asked to summarise a great day, I always copy paste this!

Why Just Love? 4.6 (11)

There was a time in my life when I wondered if I was alone if I did not have enough people around me. I was looking for connections that had depth, that had nothing much to offer but emotional support, deep, intimate understanding, to make me believe in safer spaces where every conversation did not have to make sense, where accepting things was not necessary, where letting out the unwritten poetry of my thoughts would seem easy and comfortable, and that is when I understood that friendship is not a lesser form of love.

Friendship is a Pan of Stouffer’s Lasagna 3.3 (10)

“I’m disappointed in you”, the most excruciatingly painful sentence a person can be told by someone they care about. It surpasses “I hate you”, “Goodbye” or “I’ll never forgive you.” It means that that person held you in a higher regard than you could ever think, and now you’re falling from grace at an accelerated […]