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Starry Starry Night 0 (0)

As a child of a merchant navy captain, I have spent most of my childhood on a ship, sailing across endless stretches of blue with occasional land in sight. These long journeys meant that alongside a very limited collection of pre-recorded cartoons, few storybooks, and my mother, I only had the company of the serene sound of the ocean, the clear blue sky during the day, and a sky full of stars during the night. Perhaps that is why I derive so much comfort from them, even today. While the ocean had its own charm and effect on me, the stars have played a very distinct role in my life. The above and what lies beyond the above has never ceased to fascinate me, even as a 10-year-old and I doubt there will be a time when I would look up at the sky and won’t be ‘starstruck’ by how unreal it all feels. While every brush with a stargazing experience has been nothing short of magical, two particularly unforgettable experiences made me the person I am today, fascinated and appreciative of the little things that have huge impacts. 

Sustainability: A Thought For The Future Generations! 5 (1)

Amidst these changing times in this fast-paced world, have we ever given a thought about our future generations with respect to the resources they will be needing? Firstly, will they be left with adequate resources and necessities in about a thousand years from now? Will they be facing any shortages then? In this article, I am going to answer all these questions, and enlist possible solutions for the same, which come under the broad concept of ‘Sustainability”. 

Plans 5 (2)

I have always had plans, agreed that I am not a micro planner but I have always had a general idea of where I saw myself in a few years and these ideas have always been accompanied by general plans, like colleges I want to go to, degrees I have to get, internships that I definitely have to do, cities I have to visit and skills I have to develop. I like sticking to those plans and I have been working towards making them a reality from a very young age, and even if the plans kept changing, I would always have a path ready to walk on, a path that would inevitably lead me to the end goal.