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The Lull in the Conversation 4.9 (27)

I remember being five and thinking about how big the ten-year-old seniors at my school were. They were older, taller, more mature, smarter even. I remember being ten and thinking the same about the 14-year-olds in class 9. I wanted to be in high school, I wanted to be in the student council. I wanted to be older and more important. I remember growing older each year and fantasizing about being even older on my next birthday. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I still do.

Self-Care: Our Way To A Better Life 5 (6)

Like our body and environment, our soul and mind also need detoxification to rejuvenate them. When we talk about self-care, we need to remind ourselves that self-care is not selfish. It’s a healthy approach towards upgrading our system through love and care towards our own self. There are several methods to stir clear the noxious […]

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 0 (0)

Gone Girl is one of my favourite novels, a sensational storyline that operates on multiple levels in many ways. It is a crime novel: an absorbing, ingenious thriller that you can’t stop reading until all the truth comes to the surface. One of the most unusual thrillers whose revelations enhance, rather than dissipate, the suspense. The last pages are chilling. 

The Brave Kid I Parented 5 (5)

I have a younger sister. Completely normal, isn’t it? Everyone (or at least most of us) have a little devil that disrupts our life equation, steals our ice cream, and maintains a firm grip on our new clothes. But my case is rather unique. My graced this earth nine and half years after me. So you can understand what we are like. At the age when I was waiting for the legendary teenage epiphany of the world, my sister was busy making sure she doesn’t divide by a math problem that requires multiplication. Then there was a special situation between us: she was so young that she is like a child I raised myself. Yes, my mom is a working lady and my dad lives in another state, away from home. So it’s two people parenting one another. She’s someone who makes me happier, more open and caring. I, in turn, painted her as me, someone with a very high sense of justice and a fascinating stubbornness. And I could never ask for any better heir for my innate quality, even now all those traits of mine can be seen making an appearance in her now and then.

Altering My Mental State Without Psychedelic Drugs 5 (5)

I used to find books reprehensible as a kid and saw reading as an incredibly futile pursuit. Why would I want to gain knowledge that will never be put to test? Following the same tangent, the little I read was exclusive to academics. Desperate attempts were made to usher me into the cult of readers, […]

Desolate 5 (1)

Frozen plains — fallow beneath,  Sheets of white — Tremblant fingers — sprawl — solemn forest — End of the world — bay groaning, beyond horizon — imagination, dances within mind — time stops in speeding headlights — kilometres are inside miles — leather Wrapped under hand — under gleaming  tips; fingers — nervous outside […]