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Beside The River, Safe From The Rain 5 (3)

The Twilight games of the kids filled the air, one can hear their laughter, energetic shouts as well as see their mothers gather and talk about their daily struggles of passing life.  There was this playground that occasionally appeared during the driest summers that we had when the heavy river dried up a bit.  A small patch of land, which in a blink of an eye turned green, with lush grass.

Come in, Flight 314 5 (3)

“Local control? This is Flight 314 checking in from South Eastern Airways. Requesting permission for descent.”  “Copy that.”  Brian Cowell sighed to himself and leaned back in his seat. It had been a long day. “Ground control?”  he spoke into the radio . There’s a Flight 314 from South Eastern Airways requesting permission to descend.”  […]


As I looked around me,Barren land was all I could see.Beneath me, was the ground slowly crumbling,And above, the big black clouds were grumbling. My eyes were blinded by the heavy mist.And from nowhere, suddenly, I felt a fist,Inflict my empty stomach,And I was immediately reminded of my unfortunate luck. A rough hand then pushed […]