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Caged in one’s own identity 5 (1)

Transphobia is the hatred or irrational fear of transgender and transsexual people, and when a transgender person internalises the hate and irrational fear of themselves and other trans people, it is referred to as internalised transphobia. In simpler words, it is the discomfort a trans person might experience after internalising society’s standards of gender expectations.

Exploring Gender Fluidity 5 (3)

The introduction of Sylvie, played by actress Sophia Di Martino, into the Marvel Universe sparked a never seen before frenzy. She lived up to her moniker as the female counterpart of wickedly gorgeous, crafty and, evil aesir of Asgard, Loki. But another reason Sylvie will live on in people’s imagination is because she mainstreamed gender fluidity than ever before.

Concealing Original Identity 3.9 (8)

In this modern era, if someone intentionally or accidentally refers to a person who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, their birth name without their consent is noticed as DEADNAMING a person. For many trans people, undergoing a name change could be an affirming step in transitioning. It can alleviate discomfort associated with one’s old name and help others see them as the gender they identify as.