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USA: The Paradigm Of Modernity 4 (4)

Change is the only inevitable event that is constant in this world, and our world is changing rather rapidly these days than ever before. I know these commonplace cliches don’t amuse you anymore, but once I acquaint you with the context around which I made that statement, your eyeballs will dilate. But before I do that, I want you to quickly supply me with some precise answers to the following questions: Name an entrepreneur who inspires you to dream of Mars. A search engine with all the answers in the world? The safest phone in the world named after a fruit? And lastly, a popular magazine that lists the most affluent and influential people on earth? 

Book Review: Supreme Influence 5 (2)

This book is about evolved communication. And it started when the author and mentor called Niurka, started her journey of transformation. From the moment she left her parent’s home when she was 14 years old, to every upside-down part of her life and the moment she found herself and life purpose by embracing her spiritual […]