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Caged in one’s own identity 5 (1)

Transphobia is the hatred or irrational fear of transgender and transsexual people, and when a transgender person internalises the hate and irrational fear of themselves and other trans people, it is referred to as internalised transphobia. In simpler words, it is the discomfort a trans person might experience after internalising society’s standards of gender expectations.

#FreeBritney announces Spears’ spearheaded victory 3.8 (4)

The concept of surveillance has always been a multilayered affair because of its many undertones like care, discipline, watching, controlling and what not. The conditioning of society has placed an emphasis on how an adult should behave and is expected to be ‘stable’. The aspiration towards achieving upward class mobility has resulted in the privileging […]


All souls leave their bodies and possessions behind to move to another abode, an undisclosed and equally mysterious location whose whereabouts are restricted only to the human mind’s imagination. No one knows for certain what death will bring to a person; it will leave chaos in the dearly departed’s aftermath or a strange tranquillity. Certainly […]

Judiciary and Bigotry: The Endless Debate 4 (2)

Law is regarded as one of the noble professions on Earth, and The Hall of Justice never discriminates against anyone who walks through its doors. Law and justice are two man-made concepts with naturalness; however, the irony of this profession is very immaculate. It is the pathway through which people from different sides of society […]

Contextual Play of Equality 0 (0)

The idea of considering oneself as equals with one’s partner or friends remains quite fascinating. Sometimes individuals experience equality, and the other times, they aspire for equality. Yes, the previous statement is quite paradoxical. To understand better, here’s an example. A lady in her twenties might experience political equality when she goes out on the […]