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Conversion therapy tries to change the sexual orientation of a person – which is something that one cannot control. Conversion therapy includes abominable, egregious and unpardonable methods which leaves the person mentally scarred and traumatized for life. A few of these methods are behavioural modification, psychoanalysis, reparative therapy, sex therapy and lobotomy. More fundamentally, the very existence of “reparative therapy” implies that being a member of the LGBTQ+ community means a person is broken and needs fixing. It implies that LGBTQ+ people have a mental disorder that needs to be cured.

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Transphobia is the hatred or irrational fear of transgender and transsexual people, and when a transgender person internalises the hate and irrational fear of themselves and other trans people, it is referred to as internalised transphobia. In simpler words, it is the discomfort a trans person might experience after internalising society’s standards of gender expectations.

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Derogatory words, racial slurs, or even the way we address some people based on their caste will often have unintended effects attached to them. Harassment, sexual violence, and misgendering are given to trans people daily, and in some places, their basic right to live is even questioned. In India, almost all languages have a specific […]

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Venus Xtravaganza, Evon Young, Nikki Kuhnhausen were strangled, abducted or left to decay in 1988, 2013 and 2019 respectively. The list of hate crime seems to be endless. It is a result of prejudice towards their gender. Our society has a tendency to show intolerance to everything it perceives as uncommon like homosexuality or transsexuality […]