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Cancel Culture Simply A Chilling Effect? 4.2 (12)

I’m sure we all have, if not experienced at least, observed people calling out one another on their offensive words, posts or tweets that have hurt certain sentiments or groups. Such people take their offence to social media in order to gain support and make themselves heard, and it’s not too long until others have […]

Media – Left, Right or Neutral? 5 (1)

The selection of news channels decides if the union budget for the upcoming financial year is beneficial or disastrous. It seems a bit strange that a fact too can have more than one interpretation which is supposed to be the case with literature only. A fact when served with bias, according to agenda can only be compared to literature. This is one of the most dangerous phenomena happening around us. Media, which in its inception days was trusted by millions for the only source of news is considered as an entertainment platform now.

Is Objectification of Human Bodies – Men’s or Women’s – Fair? 4.1 (9)

Objectification broadly means treating a person as an object or commodity without evaluating any other attributes, including someone’s personality. A person’s body and their sexual body parts are viewed as separate from the person.  A dehumanising and prevalent societal affair, issues concerning objectification were raised as early as the 1970s, and since then, its repercussions […]