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A photo album is a goldmine of memories. From the first step we take to our graduation, every small or big achievement and even moments where we share a tear or smile together is treasured. Every fleeting moment becomes a memory for tomorrow. Now be it a happy one or sad one, every second we spend today will become things we miss tomorrow. Time has its own tangled way, don’t you think? I read this amazing quote on Pinterest, “The moment you start thinking of the beginning it’s the end.” Whenever I’m asked to summarise a great day, I always copy paste this!

The Little Things 0 (0)

“What’s the favorite time of your life?”, my friend had asked me out of the blue one day. A question like that really makes you wonder about your life and all the memories you’ve lived through in a very different way. All of a sudden, it’s as if your life is a movie and every moment you’ve ever lived now has double takes of emotions and drama. When I thought of this question with respect to my life, I could remember all the tiny achievements that I’d had when I was a little kid, like the fashion show I participated in dressed as a Malayali girl and how my mother made me learn a Malayalam phrase by heart so that I would get extra points.

Learning to make the most of all relationships, irrespective of their time limit 5 (2)

I believe that memories are like life footages that you get to harbour in your mind and be able to play them on replay, to your heart’s content and, although there are many to share, my favourite one is going to take the main stage with this one. It was a mission to dig up […]

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(Mai’s phone beeps) Zoe: (picture) Hey guys! Is this okay? Or does it look overboard? Steph: (picture) (picture) GUYS!!! WHICH HAIRSTYLE???   QUICK!! SOMEONE REPLY!!!ANYONE!!!??? @Zoe @Mai @Adi PLZ QUICK 😰 😭😭😭 Adi: First one Zoe: No, second. Jeez steph, you aren’t in high school anymore. Adi: @Steph Don’t listen to her. Go for the […]

To The One I Remember 4.3 (49)

To the one I rememberMy mind hovers over silent thoughtsAnd often lets go few too many.Memories jolt me back to life, each one unfolding aWorld in itself: unveiling and uncurling, like petalsof the water lily.Of you, remain scarce reminders, blurred lines onThe papyrus, at times ceasing to make sense.I remember, nevertheless.I remember, in silence. Of […]