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A Helping Hand 4.7 (27)

“Bhai nahi raha.”

I was staring at the message, trying to decipher the words again. Meaning, I got, impact, I wish I had. “What? Why? I don’t know what to say” just slipped off my fingers, sure to hurt him and haunt me. Really? How foolish of me! Another desperate low of my life! In my mind regretting the fiasco, I started wishing my reply would change into something more sympathetic before reaching him. I wanted him to know that I had concerns far more than what my silly text would ever communicate, without telling him so. But Alas! Telepathy or manifestation is not my biggest strength.

#FreeBritney announces Spears’ spearheaded victory 3.8 (4)

The concept of surveillance has always been a multilayered affair because of its many undertones like care, discipline, watching, controlling and what not. The conditioning of society has placed an emphasis on how an adult should behave and is expected to be ‘stable’. The aspiration towards achieving upward class mobility has resulted in the privileging […]

Friendship is a Pan of Stouffer’s Lasagna 3.3 (10)

“I’m disappointed in you”, the most excruciatingly painful sentence a person can be told by someone they care about. It surpasses “I hate you”, “Goodbye” or “I’ll never forgive you.” It means that that person held you in a higher regard than you could ever think, and now you’re falling from grace at an accelerated […]

The Uncensored Reality of Mental Health in India 5 (4)

As defined by the American Psychological Association, mental health involves effective functioning in daily activities, resulting in productive activities (work, school, caregiving), healthy relationships, the ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity. In other words, “mental health refers to our emotional, psychological and social well-being”. Thus, the state of our mental health influences […]