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The Journey to Destination 4.5 (4)

I’m tired of passing byThe plains that I love, The forest that hides the doves, The mountains that’s never been shoved, And the deserts that make me fall in love. Everything is beautiful to watchBut passing them byMakes me scorn.  I fell in love with the sunrise, But the sunset is what I crave for. I love to see the fireflies […]

The Cradle Of Every Creation 0 (0)

The rhythmic movement of trees, With canopies and twigs wavering in the breeze, Some sparkling yellow-ochre leaves, Detaching from the branches signifying transition, Embellishing the path, rustling and generating beats, Roots armoring the conifer with strength, To Tall cedars looping down for bestowing a shed, Water transpiring in veins, And lilies blooming in orchards, Dandelions […]