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Chemist to Criminal: The Complex Antihero 5 (4)

Walter White’s journey in “Breaking Bad” is a powerful character arc that explores the evolution of a man from an ordinary high school chemistry teacher to a ruthless criminal mastermind. Throughout the series, Walter faces numerous challenges and experiences that lead to significant personal growth, making his arc compelling and emotionally impactful.

Web Series: An Escape From The Pandemic 4.3 (6)

Boom! And 2020 has changed the world, giving us the most unexpected – “The Pandemic – COVID-19”, that brought businesses and the world economy to a halt. People across the globe confined to their houses, with movie theatres closed, restaurants shut and all public gatherings called off, have been looking for ways to channelize their […]

Bojack Horseman: The Zaniest Show About Depression 5 (3)

Ever since its release in 2014, Bojack Horseman has gained many critical acclamations and a number of loyal viewers who enjoyed the concoction of comedy and animation. It is a sitcom that explores the darker picture of a human condition. The Netflix series pursue the experiences of Bojack, a famous television star of the ’90s, […]