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Alumni Meet 4 (1)

(Mai’s phone beeps) Zoe: (picture) Hey guys! Is this okay? Or does it look overboard? Steph: (picture) (picture) GUYS!!! WHICH HAIRSTYLE???   QUICK!! SOMEONE REPLY!!!ANYONE!!!??? @Zoe @Mai @Adi PLZ QUICK 😰 😭😭😭 Adi: First one Zoe: No, second. Jeez steph, you aren’t in high school anymore. Adi: @Steph Don’t listen to her. Go for the […]

To The One I Remember 4.3 (49)

To the one I rememberMy mind hovers over silent thoughtsAnd often lets go few too many.Memories jolt me back to life, each one unfolding aWorld in itself: unveiling and uncurling, like petalsof the water lily.Of you, remain scarce reminders, blurred lines onThe papyrus, at times ceasing to make sense.I remember, nevertheless.I remember, in silence. Of […]