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Heartache 5 (2)

Void replaced my heart,As it knew you were gone.But I promise you I’ll still wait,For you, from dusk till dawn. I’ll stay for you, in the twilight,Beneath the shining sky.But now the scotch mist surrounds me,Feeling like there is no way to flee. You gave me pleasure,You made my lady luck bloom.You grabbed me higher,You made […]

The Pretence of Summer 4.5 (22)

Tannin’ on the beach beneath the sun,sippin’ on the coconut of fabrication,holding hands, beholdingthe last ray seeping into the blue. Keepin’ the fireplace inky, forthe flames of those bonfiresstill sabotage my tranquility,scorching heat; barbecuing my spirit,hanging fire for gale not quite satiric. Waiting till the darkness followand complements the cool breeze, embracingme through the window […]

Free 5 (2)

It was a room full of giggles, yet something was missing,We all were sitting close, yet there was a long haul intervening.I was there with them, but I couldn’t see myself there.They dripped with sugar and honey from outside,But why could I only see the red eyes staring at me?I kept adjusting my hair and […]

To The One I Remember 4.3 (49)

To the one I rememberMy mind hovers over silent thoughtsAnd often lets go few too many.Memories jolt me back to life, each one unfolding aWorld in itself: unveiling and uncurling, like petalsof the water lily.Of you, remain scarce reminders, blurred lines onThe papyrus, at times ceasing to make sense.I remember, nevertheless.I remember, in silence. Of […]