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The Kashmir Files: A Poignant Tale Of An Exodus Susceptible To Weaponization 5 (2)

Some have called it devastating; some distressing; some genocidal; some a rightwing propaganda; and those who endured the agony in reality, the Kashmiri Pandits, found an emotional deliverance in it, a catharsis, a depiction of the pain that was under censorship hitherto. Muzzled voices have found a loudspeaker. The Kashmir Files has hit the theatres like a bullet and pierced millions of hearts, especially in the Hindi heartland. But now, when the story has finally found a narration of sorts, will the ripples stop right there? Or, are we to witness the infliction of fresh wounds in healing the past?

The Rampant Outbreak in Myanmar 4.8 (5)

Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country with an extended history of political conflict between the military and different ethnic armed organizations. In politics, deadlock is a situation when there is difficulty in passing laws that satisfy the requirements of the people. One similar incident passed in Myanmar, a country with one of the world’s longest-running civil conflicts. A dangerous stalemate has been observed between Myanmar’s military regime and resistance forces, where both sides are determined to prevail, but neither seems likely to deliver a knockout blow imminently.

The Three-Child Policy: China to Fight Population Crisis 4.5 (6)

The three-child policy is the newest of the family planning policies implemented by the People’s Republic of China. On 31st May 2021, the Chinese president and the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Xi Jinping, announced the three-child policy at the CCP Politburo meeting, to address the issue of the rapidly ageing Chinese population.

Xenophobia: A Surge or An Urge in Life 5 (1)

In a world full of perceptions and judgements, the rising of a constructive outlook will always pave your way through in life. Either it will be a strong character build-up or a restless desire of a forced circumstantial life.          As the name suggests, “Xeno” is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “stranger” or “foreigner” […]