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Why is bullying seen as a normal thing in India? 0 (0)

Bullying in the oxford dictionary means to seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable), which means genuinely harm someone with words or actions. We have always seen bullies in Hollywood movies which mostly bully the protagonists of the movie in school. Well, I have also seen a lot of people say that […]

Xenophobia: A Surge or An Urge in Life 5 (1)

In a world full of perceptions and judgements, the rising of a constructive outlook will always pave your way through in life. Either it will be a strong character build-up or a restless desire of a forced circumstantial life.          As the name suggests, “Xeno” is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “stranger” or “foreigner” […]

Critical Thinking: A life skill! 4.7 (15)

We all act critically in our daily lives, from choosing between which product to buy  to making crucial decisions at a workplace. In the movie Titanic, why did Rose turn her back to the privileged life she had, wonder why critical thinking is so important! Critical thinking is an aspect of life which introduces you […]

To All The Lies I’ve Told Before 5 (5)

In this concrete jungle where cat burglars, one-trick ponies, and those crying crocodile tears prowl, a subspecies parades around the street conjuring up and vocalizing incredulous stories and mysterious statements which never lead to fruition. Lying is when we make a false statement to deceive others. Lies occupy a good percentage of the nooks and […]

The Human Mind is Capable of Incredible Things 4.1 (37)

Introduction The human mind is the most complex machinery known to humankind. It is a celebration of the exuberant mysteries of nature. It holds us prisoner and liberates us from miseries amidst difficulties. The conceptualization of thought and creating it, in reality, is the basis of our society. The brain helps us perceive reality and […]