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Patriarchy v/s Science: The Flawed Concept of Virginity 5 (1)

Having grown up in a small town, raised by a family with very collectivistic and orthodox mindsets, I was always groomed to not do anything that would “spoil” the name of the highest patriarch in my extended family line, however, my male cousins were not. It began at an early age with getting lesser allowances than my male cousins, not being allowed to play outside late, and then eventually moved onto more eyebrow-raising commands like “don’t wear shorts or tight-fitting clothes”, to “you can’t have your male friends over, what will everyone say”.

Sex is a Three Letter Word, Sex Worker A Whore. 5 (4)

Whore. Prostitute. Hooker. Strumpet. Harlot. Cocotte. Gigolo. There’s no dearth in terms used to describe a sex-worker. The first-ever usage of the word “prostitute” can be traced back to the 1530s; derived from Latin roots “prōstitūt”; meaning “to offer up for sale”. The term carved its niche as one who sells sex nearing the end […]