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Toxic Machismo 0 (0)

WE ARE IN THE FUTURE. It’s 2022 already.We had visioned most of the prevalent societal stigmas would be made to go away. I mean, we had to crack open all boundaries, break free of Barriers. But it doesn’t quite feel so. At least we were supposed to, right? How does one judge the incremental change society has undergone? The answer is simple; we look at the societal elements, its people. Now this pulls up another question, have the elements of society AKA the people progressed as fast and marvelously as technological advancements? The answer, sadly, is “NO”.

Unconscious Bias: Masking Your Hidden Prejudices 5 (1)

Behind every decision you make, there is an underlying cause. You feel like you have made the right choice. But what if that decision was based on an unconscious bias, without you being aware of it? An unconscious bias is an involuntary and/or automatic mental association, belief, or attitude towards any social group. Unconscious biases […]