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A Cup of Sunshine 4 (9)

A cup of Sunshine

For my palette of colors I would like

To dip my brushes and

Paint my canvas all alike.

For I miss the yellow tint

And warm essence

In my paintings.

A cup of Sunshine

I would like

For my little dandelion

To bloom in a vibrant yellow color.

For the approaching winter

Is making it shudder

And lose its joy.

The Pretence of Summer 4.5 (22)

Tannin’ on the beach beneath the sun,sippin’ on the coconut of fabrication,holding hands, beholdingthe last ray seeping into the blue. Keepin’ the fireplace inky, forthe flames of those bonfiresstill sabotage my tranquility,scorching heat; barbecuing my spirit,hanging fire for gale not quite satiric. Waiting till the darkness followand complements the cool breeze, embracingme through the window […]