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Is H&M Just Talking the Talk? 5 (3)

The dangers of global warming have been spreading like wildfire. To slow down the inevitable from happening, people from all over the world have been inculcating habits that are environment friendly. Plastic straws are replaced with paper straws, reusable glasses have been in the making. Restaurants, arcades, tourist places, and so many more places are implementing nature friendly services.


Buying decisions are one of the hardest to make in life. And as consumers or investors, we daily wage a decisive war inside our minds while buying materialistic things or investing in something. And while we make those decisions, numerous things run wild in our minds before we finally execute those decisions.

Sustainability: A Thought For The Future Generations! 5 (1)

Amidst these changing times in this fast-paced world, have we ever given a thought about our future generations with respect to the resources they will be needing? Firstly, will they be left with adequate resources and necessities in about a thousand years from now? Will they be facing any shortages then? In this article, I am going to answer all these questions, and enlist possible solutions for the same, which come under the broad concept of ‘Sustainability”. 

The Time is Now, Else a Grim Future Awaits 5 (1)

With the global pandemic taking stage, the world seems to have forgotten about the problem that is slowly looming over us — climate change. We might wonder what a few degrees warmer is; It just means sunnier days, right? If it were that simple, biologists and scientists would not be imploring us to heed to […]